Pulling up roots, again.

You know there are sometimes in life when God really just loves on you through other people.  Last night was one of those times for our family.  I knew when God called us to leave Georgia that it would grow and stretch all of us.  It has.  We have all had to reach deep to adjust to certain differences here and sometimes we have been good at it and other times, well not so much!

The one thing I do know about this move was that God had big changes for our family in store.  He knew what we needed more than we knew and if we had not been obedient, we would have missed a multitude of blessings.  Last night God gave our friends a chance to show those blessings to us and we were just overcome. 

It is so easy for me to look forward to moving "home" but it is also with such a heavy heart that we will leave this place.  God fashioned a family for us here and they have shown us love in more ways than I can number.  I am so grateful for the past three years and what it has done for our family.  I am humbled at what God has used us for and in awe of the plans that I know he continues to have for our little broken lives.  We serve such a God of redemption and our family has been blessed to see that face to face here in Texas.

These precious words from our friends will forever be etched on the walls of my heart.