The Lord's Provisions

As we have been packing, I have been reflecting.  When the Lord moved us to Texas in 2010, I thought we would never find the heart of what we were leaving behind.  I mean I trusted, but I also left friends and family that were just irreplaceable.  Funny how God loves for us to paint Him into a box and then show us how much bigger He is than anything we could ever imagine.

Our 3 years here in Texas have been filled with so many lessons that I truly thought, "I should count them!"  I decided it would be a great way to show the girls God's faithfulness.  Then upon deeper thought, I realized I had a lot of those blessings on film!

So here is a little walk through the Lord's provisions the last 3 years.  It might take a little while to make this journey with us but it is such a great testimony of all the ways He has loved our little family.  Please excuse any typos in the comments.  I was really tired when I was working on this and it took too long to redo once I spotted them!

Love you all and we will see you in a week or so.

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