Working the plan...

So...I don't really do well with resolutions.  I know that is so surprising! Ha.  Not really.  I am much better at planning than executing so I made a "plan" of things I would like to do in 2014. One of those plans is get some media organized.  I have been trying to devote a little piece of time to it each day, normally while the house is still sleeping.
It has been like therapy for me.

I get a cup of some warm yummy goodness, put in a little video from ten years ago and sit and marvel at all that the Lord has done in our lives and how blessed I am to be a mama.  Often a little time and distance makes you appreciate things so much more, and getting to watch the girls when they were tiny has made me look at them differently today.  So many things I swore I would never forget and when I see them, I am overwhelmed with joy AND how little my brain can retain anymore!

It will probably take me all of 2014 to get through it all but it is a labor of love and is blessing me along the way.

Here's a flashback Friday for you.  So see her personality today in this little clip.  We were in Hilton Head and this is what she would do in her spare time.
I love the joy in her heart!

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