It's a HAPPY talent to know how to PLAY~

Ralph Waldo Emerson got it right and thank goodness I had a Mama that taught me playing was good for the heart and soul.

We started the week dropping our big girls off at the camp I went to as a child.

I know they are going to have so much fun and my prayer is that they walk away from their week at this beautiful place knowing more of who God is, and how crazy he is over them. 

Lake Hartwell bound.
Going to Georgia always makes me feel like I am going home.  
We couldn't wait to get the week started.  
Skiing, playing and catching up with old friends. 

The little sisters were told they were going to ski school.  
We had to have some goals for the week!

Nothing beats memories made with friends in the heat of a southern summer.  Sometimes I have to pinch myself as a reminder of God's blessings in moving us closer to the ones we love so deeply. 
 I will never cease to be amazed at how he loves us. 

Lei Lei learned how to ski this week and this mama was very proud.  She wanted to throw the towel in a bunch of times but she didn't.  She put on her "big girl panties", as Gigi calls them, and climbed out in that water time after time.  This is her after she had gone 8 rounds in the ring with Lake Hartwell and finally won! Woohoo!!!!!

We ended the week back in Charlotte at the Faith, Family and Freedom concert singing our hearts out to Matthew West and Britt Nicole.  LOVED their message and their music.  So thankful my girls have Christian artists to look up to and follow.  

Now to go dig myself out of the piles of camp and lake laundry! Woohoo! 


Let's Sleep Under the Stars!

"Camping is nature's way of feeding mosquitos!"

Ha.  That makes me laugh as I am still itching a few places
where the "skeet-as" got me.

We had a big 'ol family campout this weekend to celebrate my nephews middle
school graduation and my niece's 3rd birthday.  It was a camping extraordinaire
because of my very talented family.
My sister-in-laws had the vision of a woodland/camping
birthday/graduation soiree and WOW was it fun and detail packed!

Y'all come on in and take a peak!

We have a lot of talented grandmama's around this family and they are leaving
some mighty big shoes for us Mama's to fill. We are so blessed with their talents.
Mimi was asked to make a "stump" cake and a "butterfly" cake.
LOOK at her masterpiece cakes!

My brother-in-law also put his chainsaw in party mode and look at what he cranked out! Is that the cutest cupcake stand ever?!?

Speaking of masterpieces, look at God's handiwork in this little brown eyed blondie.  She is quite the apple of our eye and we can't believe she is turning "free".

To keep all the little campers happy, Aunt Tarrie set up a goodie station complete with toasted marshmallow Jelly Bellies and a smore kit for each family.  These came in handy later around the fire. 

Aunt Tarrie asked if I could help her with tags, so I got busy.  My talents are more refined to keyboards and cameras, although Mama Bird says I am a great pin and press girl in the sewing room! Ha ha. 

The kits had chocolate bars, graham crackers and square marshmallows that make the perfect smore.

Now let's take a stroll outside to check out the party fare and this beautiful little farm. 

Know what these beauties are good for?

Yep.  I may or may not have offered to arm wrestle my 10 year old for the last one.  Auntie makes the best deviled eggs.  

This was definitely my favorite detail.  A pretty little spotty to go to the potty.  
Seriously I laughed and laughed about this. 

Camper Parking!

So some of us glamped and some of us camped!

But we ALL had so much fun!

The kids ended the day with a scavenger hunt and giggling way into the dark with their new lanterns. 

Memories for a lifetime crammed into one Friday night at the farm.  We are so blessed. 

Here's a party favor for you in the event you need to make a smore kit or host a camping shindig!


A Little Business Venture

So Mama always said, "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right!"  I have KIND OF
taken that to my heart in raising my two little pink sparkles.  We like to do life at
the CELEBRATION level most of the time.  Just makes things more fun!

In my quest to paint a party at the drop of a hat I decided that a little bunting goes
a LONG way to say "We're celebrating!" The problem was that I was killing my
printer with paper buntings OR begging Mama Bird to sew for me "just one more time!"

Along comes one of my favorite friends, Oil cloth.  What about a bunting that is:
Changeable at the drop of a hat
Can be mixed with chalk cloth to make it even more personal
Can be used indoor or out.
Swoon, you had me oilcloth.

I have used this little friend in more ways than I count so I decided why not share this
ingenious idea.  By now you know I have a bit of a thing for birds so it should come
as no surprise that the Mama of the Nest would name this little creation
after a sweet little blue bird that hardly ever graces our yard.
Yes, Mr. Indigo Bunting.
So the natural play on words in my WACKY mind was The Indigo's Bunting.
Welcome to my new little Etsy site!

This is a true test to see if the rest of the world loves oil cloth, chalk and
celebration thinking as much as this mama does.  We will see.....