A Little Business Venture

So Mama always said, "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right!"  I have KIND OF
taken that to my heart in raising my two little pink sparkles.  We like to do life at
the CELEBRATION level most of the time.  Just makes things more fun!

In my quest to paint a party at the drop of a hat I decided that a little bunting goes
a LONG way to say "We're celebrating!" The problem was that I was killing my
printer with paper buntings OR begging Mama Bird to sew for me "just one more time!"

Along comes one of my favorite friends, Oil cloth.  What about a bunting that is:
Changeable at the drop of a hat
Can be mixed with chalk cloth to make it even more personal
Can be used indoor or out.
Swoon, you had me oilcloth.

I have used this little friend in more ways than I count so I decided why not share this
ingenious idea.  By now you know I have a bit of a thing for birds so it should come
as no surprise that the Mama of the Nest would name this little creation
after a sweet little blue bird that hardly ever graces our yard.
Yes, Mr. Indigo Bunting.
So the natural play on words in my WACKY mind was The Indigo's Bunting.
Welcome to my new little Etsy site!

This is a true test to see if the rest of the world loves oil cloth, chalk and
celebration thinking as much as this mama does.  We will see.....

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