It's a HAPPY talent to know how to PLAY~

Ralph Waldo Emerson got it right and thank goodness I had a Mama that taught me playing was good for the heart and soul.

We started the week dropping our big girls off at the camp I went to as a child.

I know they are going to have so much fun and my prayer is that they walk away from their week at this beautiful place knowing more of who God is, and how crazy he is over them. 

Lake Hartwell bound.
Going to Georgia always makes me feel like I am going home.  
We couldn't wait to get the week started.  
Skiing, playing and catching up with old friends. 

The little sisters were told they were going to ski school.  
We had to have some goals for the week!

Nothing beats memories made with friends in the heat of a southern summer.  Sometimes I have to pinch myself as a reminder of God's blessings in moving us closer to the ones we love so deeply. 
 I will never cease to be amazed at how he loves us. 

Lei Lei learned how to ski this week and this mama was very proud.  She wanted to throw the towel in a bunch of times but she didn't.  She put on her "big girl panties", as Gigi calls them, and climbed out in that water time after time.  This is her after she had gone 8 rounds in the ring with Lake Hartwell and finally won! Woohoo!!!!!

We ended the week back in Charlotte at the Faith, Family and Freedom concert singing our hearts out to Matthew West and Britt Nicole.  LOVED their message and their music.  So thankful my girls have Christian artists to look up to and follow.  

Now to go dig myself out of the piles of camp and lake laundry! Woohoo! 

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  1. Go Lei-Lei! Can't wait to play together soon! Miss you all!