Happy Birthday America!!

4th of July on the lake seals the deal that we are officially back home!  Growing up, this is how we ALWAYS celebrated our country's birthday, and I have to admit that our 4th's in Texas just weren't the BOOM that I was use to, without the lake.   I need to hear the whir of jet skis, smell the lake/gas/exhaust combo and feel that warm summer sun on my face.  I think I have lake water in my veins.

Having all the cousins to play with just makes it even more fun and we came prepared with buckets of entertainment.  I am finally learning how to put that Cricut to good use!

The kids played and laughed and we enjoyed the day of almost ZERO humidity. 
 It might have been the most beautiful 4th weather I can ever remember.  

We normally always go to the fireworks on boat but this year we changed it up and decided to take OLD BLUE.  Auntie got him all decorated up and the kids thought it was so cool to ride IN THE BACK of the truck to see the fireworks!  
Little do they know that is just a little redneck transportation from our childhood. 

The club looked beautiful reflecting on the lake and we couldn't have had better seats from the golf course.  We all decided that as much as we whined about not going by boat, this really was a great idea. The kids loved every second of it.

So grateful for our freedoms in this great country, and the idea that all over our nation, 
at the same time, people were celebrating this great US of A.

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