Are You Ready For Some Football...

We have been on the countdown in our house.  Football season brings out an energy in all of us that rivals the arrival of the first fall day.
 It just makes us HAPPY!

We kicked it off with a trip to Charleston to visit family and watch The Citadel/Coastal Carolina game.  My QB coached the current QB of Coastal when he was in high school, so we love to follow his college career.  We were torn in allegiance between the two teams because my brother-in-law graduated from the Citadel.  That's really nothing new though because he also loves that other team in Alabama and we yell "War Eagle!"  It all works out though, especially at the tailgate!

 Football season is another reason to keep WORKING on my cookies.  I am getting more and more comfortable with them and faster too.  I am making some this week for my grandmother's 90th birthday but more about that little shindig later!

 Have you ever noticed how 14 year old boys LOVE to have their pictures taken with their parents.  Doesn't he look so happy?!?

 Reminds me a bit of this guy!

 Baby Ruth's body was at the Citadel game but her little eyes watched every play of the Auburn game.  She really is the QB's boy while her sister and I quizzed Uncle about all the traditions of the Citadel.  Good grief those boys and girls go through a lot as freshmen.  I really liked this tradition though.  When the game is over the team stands in rows in front of the cadets and they sing their Alma Mater together.  Gave me chills.


"The Holy City" as Charleston is called is probably one of the prettiest places to me in the low country.  I love the history of this place and each time we visit, I fall more in love with it's antiquity. Baby Ruth is taking photography this year so we spent some time journaling with our cameras.

Ode to the Lone Star state.  This was one of our favorite gates.  

Don't you just want to have tea on that porch and smell those heavenly magnolias?

It was a great weekend of football, history lessons, cousins, grandparents and the smells of the south.

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