Happy for a Friend

There are two things that I might love equally.  Monograms and a "Happy" for a friend.  I love to love on other people with a happy.  It's definitely one of my love languages!

Squirrel Moment: If you have never taken the Love Language Test or better yet, had your children take it, STOP right now and go do it.  It will reveal so much to you about the way God designed your heart or the heart of your littles.  My Lei Lei is a strong gift giver.  You can't come in our house without her "fashioning" something quick like for you.  When she was teeny she started this.  It wasn't until I read Gary Chapman's book that I realized this was how she was showing love.  Now it is such a blessing to me when I see her do this for someone.  I would have missed that part of her heart without the insight from The 5 Love Languages. SOOOO thankful for that book.

Back to the subject.  I have several precious friends that have fall birthdays and I am always looking for something personal and thrifty enough to fit my birthday fund (-:

On a recent rabbit trail from Pinterest to Etsy I discovered a great little shop! (I would love to say those rabbit trails don't happen much, but when you have "Self Diagnosed Adult Onset ADD", that happens hourly!)

Oh My Word Designs (love the name) has some really cute things for yourself or your besties and she was SO easy to work with.  I had my three little tortoise shell cuff bracelets in no time and when I opened them she had included an extra little monogram for each bracelet! I literally squealed with delight.

I was gussing them up to deliver this weekend and thought it was just too cute and frugal not to share! I added the extra monogram to a little card and voila, a sweet little happy that cost $16.00!!

Can't wait to celebrate a special birthday this weekend in Atlanta with my dear friend and I know she will love her new bling!  

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