Having a Ball Since 1924

As Mother and I were brainstorming and pinning and brainstorming and pinning for Mamie's big soiree, we saw so many cute ways to celebrate milestone birthdays. Pinterest really is my brain's bestie. Now I don't have to remember where I saw what.  I can devote all my energy into where I put what!

When Mother unearthed this photo of Mamie with the Maytag we kind of had a theme.  I LOVE a party with a good theme! We would use things that would have been in her home growing up.

Mamie was a child of the depression and victory gardens and while my generation thinks Mason jars are for presentation and decorating, to her generation they meant survival. When we saw this party we knew this would fit Mamie to a T.

Mother is a collector of all things old so we had plenty of old doilies and linens to work with.  The only hiccup we had was what to use on all the church tables.  One very successful trip to Joann's and the problem was solved.  Look how precious this VINYL table covering is! 7.99 a yard and I am almost sure Mother used a coupon.  Does that just scream little old 90 year old Mamie or what?

I absolutely loved getting this party together for Mamie and the little details were so much fun for Mother and I.  We wanted her cake to have a special place of honor so we made a burlap base for it to rest on.  As we were making the base AND burning our fingers with the hottest glue that has EVER come out of a glue gun....

SQUIRREL: Hot glue travels rapidly through the little squares in burlap and will take the first 6 layers of skin right off your pitiful little fingers. Any Up fans?  Doug is my middle name. Seriously.  

As I was saying,  when we were burning ourselves, Mother squealed that she had Mamie's mothers brooch, so we secured that lovely gem to the lace we used on the base.  I loved the way it turned out. Minus the burnt fingers!

I knew I wanted to try my hand at some cookies so I ordered a Mason jar cutter and used a flower I had to make daisies.  No joking.  They might have been the hardest cookie I have attempted yet, but after much self criticism, I was happy to take them to Mamie. She loved them and that was all that mattered.

We scored a yard full of free flowers because Mother's neighbors hydrangea was in full bloom and exactly the color we needed to pull everything together.  Just love it when the Lord shows you he's been in the planning of the details too.  

I made a few little printables that we used on the flowers and the favors and I will share those later. My girls loved the favors by the way.  I ordered a HUGE bag of butter mints because nothing says sweet, little, old grandma more to me than Fish Camps and butter mints.  If you don't live in the south that might not make any sense.  I don't even know if they have Fish Camps above the Mason Dixon but they are alive and well in North Carolina.  That is a childhood memory for yours truly. 

As Lei Lei was passing these out she circled by me and said, "Mama!  All of Mamie's friends LOVE the mints.  Some lady just asked me if she could buy the leftovers!"

We ordered 30 balloons and tied black and white pictures from Mamie's life on the ends and we used more pictures to adorn a big 90.  She took all of those home and it was so sweet to watch her looking at them. Lots of memories. 

One last little detail was a favor that we placed on the tables and benches where we dined.  As I was working on this I was amazed at what a full life my Mamie has lived.  90 is a big number!  

Her precious Mother lived to be 101 so I am hoping I have my Mamie around for awhile longer, but either way, I know she has lived her days to the fullest and left her family huge shoes to fill. God has been her comforter and her strength, her provider and her joy and she has told me that with every breath since I was a baby girl.  It was our honor to shower her with a day full of specials times and special friends. 

Here's your party favor and thanks for coming!

Mason Jar Favor Tags 2.5 inch circle

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