Hilton Head 2014

Each year when we make our annual trip to Hilton Head I am always so excited to see all the ways that the Lord will show up and show off his amazing creation.

We have had years of starfish.

Years of sand dollars.

Years of great shells

And most recently, years of great surf fishing.

BUT my absolute favorite year was the year of the baby sea turtles.

We were on the beach at 4:30 in the morning to watch them excavate a nest and Baby Ruth got the amazing privilege of "walking" this little guy out.  This process takes a long time, as they are working and imprinting down the beach.  Truly AMAZING! 

We have always tried to teach our girls to leave God's things where we found them, and not take "live souvenirs" from the ocean, but can't you see how tempting it is?!?

This years display was no different.  God gave us rainbows and tons of different little crabs. This guy was my favorite. 

My girls have grown up on this beach and I love looking back at all the ways God has shown himself to them through nature.  This year especially though I felt like there were things he just didn't want us to miss.   When I was working on my pictures I was overwhelmed with what a display he gave us and so I thought I would share. 

Psalm 19:1 (The Message version)
God's glory is on tour in the skies.  
God-craft on exhibit across the horizon. 
Madame Day holds classes every morning, 
Professor Night lectures each evening. 
Their words aren't heard. 
Their voices aren't recorded,
 but their silence fills the earth: 
unspoken truth is spoken everywhere. 

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