Corn Maze Days

As I write this I am not sure what I am most grateful for, fall days or new friends.

This week Baby Ruth has told me she thinks I have Tourettes because I just keep yelling, "Look at THAT tree!" The weather here in the Old North State has been beautiful and I just keep whispering to the Lord, thank you for bringing us back to a place where we get to enjoy this time of year.  So that is our first moment of gratitude.

Secondly, we have finally made some friends.  We had our first real "friend" trip to a corn maze and just listening to the giggles and singing and sweet words between these girls blessed my heart.  Friendship is a word that we throw about so lightly, but in reality it is quite unique.  We have been praying for real friendships for the girls and it has been a SLOW process.  But finally we have connected with some precious families and I can see the Lord smiling on his timing and his choices!

Here is a tiny glimpse into the fun they had with each other this week at the corn maze.

Lei Lei was quick to grab the Texas flag as she entered the maze.  She loves her some Lone Star State!

Team number one.

Team number two.

They made it out and had a lot of fun in the process. 

How many are your works, O Lord!  In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures. Psalm 104:24  


She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain...

Birthdays are a big hairy deal around our house.  Since the girls were born I have always made their day pretty exciting and memorable for them.  Two reasons: It brings them great delight to feel cherished, special and set apart and secondly it brings me great joy to celebrate the blessing they are in our life.  God has truly gifted us with these two kiddos and that is to be CELEBRATED!!

So I guess they have been in training watching me all these years.  That said, they were on a birthday mission with Gigi and their Daddy.  They had been planning a surprise birthday trip for me and they were just  giddy with excitement.  This is the note they left.

Well I was all kind of excited about this one.  They were telling me what to wear and to bring my camera!  This could only mean one thing.  They were taking me somewhere pretty and they were going to let me take pictures all day.  Most perfect present, EVER! 

Papa's car was our ride for the day.  This just made me squeal with delight when he pulled up.

I was so excited about all of it but when I found out we were going to the mountains, I was done! When we lived in Texas I would just yearn for some rolling hills and fall foliage.  I was so homesick each fall because the leaves in Texas just go from green to ground.  It was shocking! Anyway the excitement level in the mountain chariot was very high.


Our first stop, the Daniel Boone Inn.

The QB and Gigi had outdone themselves and with the girls as their accomplice, they truly had surprised and blessed me.  The biggest deal though was they were going to let me take family pictures and NOT COMPLAIN and I got to choose where.  I think I clicked my heels on the way back to the mountain bus I was so excited.  They never do this without grumbling and whining and fussing and then I am so frazzled by the end I want to shoot them something other than a camera (-:  

This is the spot I picked.

It has a bit of sentimental value.  My in-laws owned a cabin on this knoll in Valley Crucis when Baby Ruth was little.  Look how tiny she is then with her Grandpa and Daddy. 

Here is what I walked away with.  So pleased!

Seriously the best birthday present ever and I loved their heart and that they knew how much it would mean to me.  I love them!  Here's a few that show just how beautiful the NC mountains are.  Texas friends, don't be hating.  

We spent all day just winding around that place that I have spent long days of my life in.  Pure heaven for me.  The Lord gave us a glorious sunset on the way down the mountain.

This is a birthday that I will never forget.  Family, thank you for loving me in such a real way. I am blessed.