She Believes in Auburn, and LOVES it!!

Well we are off this weekend for a quick trip to Georgia, and then on to Baby Ruth's most favorite place in the WHOLE world; Auburn University.

She was slowly fed orange and blue Kool-aid by all of our kind friends from about 4 years old on and now, well to say she's a fan is an understatement.

This was her visit when she was 10 years old.  This is her dream.  You children's dreams become your dreams so now I find myself yelling "War Eagle!" and dressing in orange and blue.  I spent last night pulling out everything I own that is orange and cramming it in a suitcase.  Makes me laugh at how infections that Auburn word has become in our family.  The QB just shakes his head and laughs. He still can't figure it out.

I can't wait to post about our trip because I know it's going to be so much fun for my little veterinarian in training.  My joy will be to watch her experience her first Auburn home game.  She's got her toilet paper on lock and ready to dress up Toomer's corner.  WDE!

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