She's Got the Eye of the Tiger

We got home last night tired and a bit wet, but we packed a week worth of memories into 48 hours! Baby Ruth may have said,"Thank you so much for taking me to Auburn!" about 60 times in between Auburn and Charlotte.   Her words; "This is the happiest day of my life!"

We left Georgia early so we had time to take it all in.  The non-stop chatter between the girls was so much fun to listen to!

I thought these two might love the hair off of each other when we got there.  Such a gift to have friends that you see less often these days, but you are able to jump right back in where you left off.

We did a lot of walking around and taking it all in before the game started. 

Jordan-Hare Stadium

Auburn Arena and History Museum

Kind of a big deal to her!

The Tiger Walk is what we were all looking forward to the most.  Leighton even made a sign for Gus. 

We were there about an hour before it started so the girls could get up close.  So glad we did that!

They had one thing on the brain.  Where was Gus?

No mistaking when they spotted him.  I was dying laughing at their enthusiasm. 

She's never going to get over that one!  Leighton was just as excited because he read her poster!

She didn't miss one moment!

Last but not least, Toomer's Corner to get their rolling on.

Such a special time with dear friends and memories that will last a lifetime.  As I was really trying to picture Baby Ruth there, I couldn't help but see the reasons why she loves it so.  This creed is SO Auburn and also so HER.  She's more fired up now than ever, and ready to climb the mountain of studying and working hard to pursue her dream.  Love that about her. 

These words were penned by Auburn's first head football coach; George Petrie (1945).

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