Back to School, Again...

So I have the same love/ hate relationship with back to school as I do with birthdays.  I love planning for it and dreaming about what the year will be like.  I love all the little details like the smell of new books and clean binders and pretty, never used before colored pencils.  The teacher in me gets all excited about those things. But then there's the ugly part that kicks me in my Mama gut.  The  "Hey! Your girls just got another year older and time is flying by and you can't make it stop! I HATE that part.

I have been this way since the last years of preschool and truthfully, I can't ever see it getting any better. I just love having my babies at home with me and each new school year is a ticking reminder that they have a nest to build of their own one day and this Mama is going to be forced to celebrate that, but until then, I am going to pull a Miss Scarlet and think about that another day!
So here's to BACK TO SCHOOL!

I have been dying to try my hand at making a burlap door hanger and there is nothing like a special occasion to get your "motivate-er" in high gear.  I pinned one that looked kind of easy to my Back to School Board and combined a couple of tutorials that I had been pinning to my DIY and off we went.  Now I am hooked and dying to try another one out for the fall.

Speaking of trying some things out. I had the chance this summer to spend a little bit of time trying to get my cookie madness under control.  I am going to learn to make these stinking sugar cookies if it kills me and I weigh 400 pounds from eating all the rejects!  Love the girl at Sweet Sugar Belle and if you want a cookie tutorial that is slow and easy to follow, she's your girl.  Here is my latest attempt.  SLOWLYYYYY getting there.

I wanted to have a special back to school dinner this year and spend some time praying for our girls and all the things that would be new in their little lives this year.  Homeschooling has been such an amazing part of their education and although we are continuing to do part of that at home, they are both going to be taking some classes at a University Model school near us.  I know the Lord has big plans for us this year and we are trying to walk in the door He has opened.  

I can't believe these two are in their last year of middle school. 

So we ate and celebrated all that we know God has in store for them and this morning they were off. Thank goodness Lei Lei is still at home with me more than she is away so I don't have to have a complete breakdown.  

I couldn't help but snap these before I woke them up.  I love these quotes.  They have always reminded me of my girls personalities.  

And just like that they are off to another year and I am so grateful that I have a front row seat.