The Science Fair is in the Books!

I didn't realize when we started this Science Fair journey how much fun we would have, and how much it would involve our friends and family.  If it wasn't for the aunts that showered us with chicken knowledge and the friends that followed their dogs around with a compass, we would not have been able to do these projects.  I am so thankful for all of those that helped the girls achieve their goals. 

I think the majority of Lei Lei's friends at school also made it in so it was even more fun for her. As I walked around and looked at all the projects I was so impressed with how hard these children worked and how original and dedicated they were.  

We really didn't have any expectations because we have never done a Science Fair before in our homeschool world so we had no idea what to expect.  When they called both of the girls names as winners I was so thrilled for them but I was also kind of in shock.  I think they were too!

Lei Lei was most impressed with her medal!  She received first in 5th grade and Baby Ruth and her partner received 2nd in 8th grade.

There were some very proud grandparents in attendance and a sweet little cousin that showed up with homemade good luck cards for the girls.  Love his little heart.

On the way home, after some celebratory ice cream, she said, "I can't wait to show the chicks my medal!" Two sleepy and content children in my nest last night and I was so filled with thankfulness for hearts and minds that love learning and don't mind working hard.  Feeling very blessed.  

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