We Gather Together to Ask the Lord's Blessings

Thanksgiving at the farm has become one of my most favorite traditions since we moved home.  Auntie's farm is just so much fun and the kids have a blast not to mention she goes all out with making everyone feel so welcome and special.  Y'all come on in and look how fun and yummy the day was.

The men are always in charge of the bird and they have this deep frying thing down to a science.  There is a lot of speculating and ideas being tossed around out here. 

My girls love the farm because there are so many ways to keep yourself entertained plus they work on their driving skills!

Everyone brings sides to share and there is always way more food than we could ever eat but that is why God invented Tupperware!

I am most thankful for these two cuties. 

And then we have FFF, forced family fotos!

One more way that God has poured his blessings out upon us.  Feeling very blessed and thankful!


Her First Homecoming

Well faster than I could ever imagine it coming,  it's here.  My baby girl is a freshman in high school going to her first homecoming dance.  Gulp.  Somehow it makes me not be able to breath. It also makes me remember a very wise friend that told me when she started kindergarten, it's hard not to be happy for them when they are so happy for themselves.  True words once again.

Silly moments trapped inside a little girl who is slowly becoming a woman.  This always makes me laugh!

She had a great time and I loved watching her be happy for herself!


Despicable Halloween

No, no, no. I said DART gun, not...
This Halloween could go down as the year that I laughed the hardest.  We had 100% participation and truly the men stole the show.  They pulled out all the stops and surprisingly didn't really grumble except for the removal of the bald head and that was a bit of a "sticky" situation!

When my SIL mentioned a minion Halloween I was all about it and it turned out WAY better than I even imagined.  I think one of the best parts of Halloween is the anticipation and excitement of assembling all the costumes and working on a theme.  So glad that I have a family that humors me.  I can remember watching my Mom when I was little sew red yard into a cap to make me Raggedy Ann,  and I think I was hooked on homemade costumes then.  It's a labor of love but the pay off is so great when you get to spend the night with family laughing and joking and making life long memories. 

When the minion choosing began Lei Lei immediately knew she wanted to be the maid minion.  Gigi came to the rescue and began working on her get up.  I love how it turned out.

Once again my Silhouette proved it's worth to make everyone's "G" so we had a uniform look.  I love that little machine.

This was possibly the hardest sale.  Make him bald.  Actually once he was on board he never looked back.  It was quite the process and they aren't kidding when they say allow over an hour to create a bald look.  I was sweating and a bit nervous that I might be damaging his real hair!  It truly worked like a charm and I loved it, except all night I kept looking for him and then realizing he was in front of me.  Kind of spooky!

Loving my Goodwill find trench coat.  4.99 complete with shoulder pads!  Ha!  Gigi let me borrow her fabulous purse.  That woman's closet is a goldmine.

Papa's costume would not be complete without Dr. Nefario's scooter and we laughed the hardest at him.  People were stopping him taking his picture.  He won best costume award from the grandkids. He is such a sport.  

Auntie Cristen nailed the purple minion and Emmy wore it well. Isn't she adorable?  She tore the streets up this year and lead the gang from house to house.  She's got this trick or treat thing down pat now.

So this is our mastermind behind the theme and my favorite costume of the night.  I laughed so hard at "Vector" I almost choked.  He stayed in character almost all night and every time I looked at him I would die laughing all over again.  LOVED IT!

Cousins making lifetime memories and learning how to do Halloween up big time!

Grandpa and Mimi lucked up and found their whole costume in a hoodie.  How neat is that?

This man really loves his girls.  He got huge points from all of us.  The girls promised lot's of foot rubs and back scratches in his future.

Our littlest minion got a little tired toward the end but rallied to come back for candy trading and counting.  I love the innocence and fun of Halloween.  I have never seen it as a dark or dismal holiday but a time to celebrate children and creativity and making memories with your family and friends.  I think we succeeded. 

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