We Gather Together to Ask the Lord's Blessings

Thanksgiving at the farm has become one of my most favorite traditions since we moved home.  Auntie's farm is just so much fun and the kids have a blast not to mention she goes all out with making everyone feel so welcome and special.  Y'all come on in and look how fun and yummy the day was.

The men are always in charge of the bird and they have this deep frying thing down to a science.  There is a lot of speculating and ideas being tossed around out here. 

My girls love the farm because there are so many ways to keep yourself entertained plus they work on their driving skills!

Everyone brings sides to share and there is always way more food than we could ever eat but that is why God invented Tupperware!

I am most thankful for these two cuties. 

And then we have FFF, forced family fotos!

One more way that God has poured his blessings out upon us.  Feeling very blessed and thankful!

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