Cute Affordable Teacher Gift

Finding affordable teacher gifts for Christmas is something that I am always on the lookout for.  We homeschooled our girls before moving to North Carolina so that was pretty easy, ha!  Now though we have this great university model school that is practically in our backyard that allows homeschool families to take whatever classes they would like. So we can pick and choose our classes there and still continue to take the others at home.  It is a great situation for us.  But that leads to lots of different teachers and I want to give them something they can enjoy with their families over their much deserved break! 

This year's theme was a movie bucket.  Hobby Lobby has the cutest tins during Christmas and we filled them with movie night goodies. But here is the best part! You can purchase blocks of movies online from Redbox and then disperse them however you like.  To rent a movie all you have to do is go online to www.redbox.com pick your movie, pick your location and enter the code.  Tada free movie night for your little teachers!

I loved the way they turned out and the best part is I think I have $6.00 invested in something that they can use, hopefully it makes them feel loved, and it looks really cute! 

I love it when a plan comes together.  One word of advice.  Shop early for those tins.  They must fly off the shelves because there was a bit of war going on the day I got mine.  I am thinking that is pre-Thanksgiving purchase next year!

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